Frequently Asked Questions


Can I purchase digital negatives?

Yes. The goal for any portrait session is the creation of stunning art for display in your home and keepsakes to last a lifetime. In the world of photography the negatives are the original. And so to the portrait artists who creates them, digital negatives hold an incredibly high value. You see, the hours invested in your session are quite extensive. Actually capturing your images is only one step of our fabulous journey. However, I understand that these digital negatives also hold an incredibly high value to you... After all, this is your family!

First and foremost, I am a mommy. And I, myself, choose to invest in the digital negatives from each of our family portrait sessions for the same reasons that you want to. These images mean the world to me, because with each passing day, my little munchkins (and their little worlds) shift and change.

As your photographer, I have chosen to offer you the opportunity to invest in your digital negatives. To help you enjoy both art, keepsakes and the digital files I’ve created collections with significant savings!

Do you have a studio?

The world is my studio. ;) Sessions take place on location and the options are endless - the beach, the park, a field, your home and yard, pretty much what ever fits what you’re looking for. Let’s talk more about your family and your vision for the session and we’ll find the perfect location for your session.

When do sessions take place?

The time of your session depends on they type of images you’d like me to create. Sunrise is great for outdoor and city sessions, mid-morning is great for indoor or newborn sessions as is mid-afternoon. Sunset and “The Golden Hour” - an hour or so before sunset is wonderful for beach and outdoor sessions. Most sessions take place on weekend days, depending on the time of the session, limited weekday session times are available.

How far in advance should I book my session?

I only take a limited number of sessions each month to be able to maintain the highest level experience for clients, so it’s best to book a month or two in advance.