Cardinals & Nature Photography

A month ago, I had no idea that cardinals were a sign to many that “angels are near.” I just knew that they reminded my mom of her mother. Considering my grandmother was a bird guru, this really wasn’t anything I gave a second thought.

But 4 days after my mom passed away, a bright red cardinal tip-toed up the driveway towards where my son and I were playing as if he wanted to make sure we knew he was there. When I saw him, I almost said “it’s Grammy” but didn’t want to freak out my 3 year old. It was a very weird feeling of having her here with me… We got up and tried to get closer to take a photo (naturally!) but I was too enamored to actually take a picture. It let us get pretty close, relatively speaking, before top-toeing back down the driveway and out of sight.

For the past week or so, we had a nest in the tree outside our front door. This mommy cardinal now has three babies in there.

female cardinal in treeI’ve been spying on these little ones for a week or so. My human neighbors must be wondering what the heck I’m doing up on a step stool peering into the tree numerous times a day. This would be it…

three baby cardinal birds in a nest in a treeI love sitting in the kitchen listening to them chirp. That is of course also my cue to go check them out.

mother cardinal feeding baby birds in nest

This morning, they all flew out of the nest.

It’s not lost on me that today marks one month since my mom earned her angel wings and these little cardinals all flew out of the nest today.

I’ve never been interested in nature photography. It takes too long – waiting for the light to be perfect, and everything to be just right. Wayyyy too boring for this toddler wrangler. But it had this interesting element of peace.

Crazy to think after just a week, these guys are on their own! I flew the nest years ago but even at 37, married, and a mother myself, I still needed my mom. Life without her just isn’t the same.