Don’t wait. Take the picture.

This post and the message is so important to me. Please, don’t wait – take the picture. More to come along with an important announcement in my SPP insider newsletter very soon.


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This is the last photo I took with my mom. That truly still feels surreal saying it. ? I had a bad feeling our days together were limited, but I had no idea they were what they were. We had four more days together after this. About three weeks ago, we scheduled photos for Aug 8… today. Instead of photos today, we said our final goodbye until we meet again with a beautiful service and burial I know would make her smile. ? My point in sharing this is to tell you: Don’t Wait. Don’t wait to take the photos. Don’t wait to do something you have always wanted to do. Don’t wait to visit a friend you haven’t seen in a while or spend time with family. Don’t wait. In a matter of one month, just four short yet long weeks, our lives were turned upside down with a recurrence of cancer. She was so hopeful and strong through it all. ? I don’t care who takes your photos. My point is don’t wait. Just take them. Take many and often. I’m heart broken I only thought about including my parents in our photo session on what was unknowingly our last family vacation in March and didn’t actually do it. ? I never imagined I could be so thankful for a photo of our callused feet. ? I’m not sure what is in store for my business as I navigate this new world that I still can’t believe I’m in but as I try and figure it out, the activity on here may be less. Please visit my website to get in touch. #dontwait #loveneverdies #justtakethephoto #existinphotos

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Go ahead, don’t wait.