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Cardinals & Nature Photography

A month ago, I had no idea that cardinals were a sign to many that “angels are near.” I just knew that they reminded my mom of her mother. Considering my grandmother was a bird guru, this really wasn’t anything I gave a second thought. But 4 days after my mom passed away, a bright…

Old photos… and my new website

Okay, so sometimes looking at old photos don’t always make me happy… but even so, they make me smile. And so grateful for them. At the end of my web redesign (be sure to check out the new and improved!), I got stuck down a deep rabbit hole I wasn’t expecting while looking for…

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  • Mary’ MomMay 28, 2018 - 8:50 am

    This was such a simple time, hanging out in the driveway, but you captured some amazing shots!ReplyCancel

Vacation Part 2: Our Family Portraits

Happy Memories Vacations are a classic and great time for memory making. I have some of the favorite childhood memories from our summer vacations to Nantucket, New Hampshire, and Florida. What I think helps me remember them so well is that we have photos to accompany the memories. Who knows, perhaps I don’t actually remember some…