Old photos… and my new website

Okay, so sometimes looking at old photos don’t always make me happy… but even so, they make me smile. And so grateful for them.

At the end of my web redesign (be sure to check out the new and improved www.sarahprattphotography.com!), I got stuck down a deep rabbit hole I wasn’t expecting while looking for a few images from nearly 10 years ago. My editing has changed since then so I was looking through unedited images and discovered a few that hadn’t quite hit me then how they hit me now…

A little more than two years after these images were taken, photos and memories were all we have to remember her fierce and spunky spirit and beautiful face and heart. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her… as I know goes for many, many others that were blessed as I was to have had our paths cross. [Please check out this post to learn more about this incredible child, Mary.]

Back to my rabbit hole… I was looking for this photo. I have always LOVED it.

The bokeh (the circles in the background) is unreal and the fall colors coupled with her bubbly spirit is captured here. We were just hanging out in the driveway, playing with chalk and twirling; I was playing with my new 85mm 1.8 lens and getting used to the focal length (hello cut off heads).

When I came across this one…

There is just something about it that struck me. I don’t know what it is other than I wonder if this more serious, mature face is anything what she’d look like today.

We talk about Mary in my house a lot. My son is too young to talk about any details, but we talk about our favorite ladybug Mary all the time. He’ll see a ladybug and say Mary. I think about what she’d look like and how much she’d love my little guy and he’d love her…

Sigh… I guess looking at old photos don’t ALWAYS make me happier, but one thing is for sure, they make me smile and so glad we have them.

Here are a few others just for fun:


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  • Mary’ MomMay 28, 2018 - 8:50 am

    This was such a simple time, hanging out in the driveway, but you captured some amazing shots!ReplyCancel