Vacation Part 1: Momma’s recharge

Last weekend we returned from a glorious week in Orlando. The weather really couldn’t have been better and our vacation was just what we all needed. Coming home to snow and nor’easters was not… just sayin’.

Here’s a little confession: the commuting 2+ hours a day, working mom/wife with a growing side hustle is a lot and I kind of “fell on empty”. For me, it’s easy to think that because people are only posting the good stuff on social media, I’m the only one on the hamster wheel of a crazy life. But I know the reality is I’m not alone — people just don’t talk enough about how hard it can be! This parenting thing is hard and I wish we talked about it more to help each other. (This is one of the reasons I love Happier with Gretchen Rubin – the commonality of the things they talk about is incredibly helpful for me! Nearly every episode, I find myself thinking, “Could this be any more appropriate?! How are they so spot on?!”)

But back to before vacation… Before the time away, I was really feeling like I wasn’t doing any of them well. I’ve never been good at accepting that it’s okay to do things that aren’t perfect or my very best. I remember a wise working mom once told me she felt like balancing motherhood and a career (she was in radio and super successful!) was hard and a lot of the time you felt like she wasn’t doing her best at either. I listened, and thought, “That will be interesting.” Now I get it.  And it’s not easy for me…. as I’m sure it’s not easy for many that may be reading this. Vacation was the personal and creative recharge I needed!

Lots of sunshine and activity, little media, no computer, no camera (except for the end of the week taking a few photos of my niece), or trying to take my nearly 3 year olds (someone hold me) photos and getting stressed out because it’s nearly impossible and feeling like I just suck. Instead we hired a photographer to take our family photos! Rest assured you are not alone in the stress of figuring out what to wear for your family portraits… even a photographer stresses out about that for her own family portrait session!!! But it was worth it and we had an awesome time making memories. I’ll share more about our my very own family photography session in Part 2 once we see our proofs!

Here are a couple images from the only 15 minutes I had my camera in my hand all week. Man I wish I could have brought the gorgeous weather down there home with me! I am so looking forward to spring and having more of these lush colors and sun around here!!! I feel so refreshed and have so many creative ideas for the months ahead!

mother father and baby girl have family portraits taken

P.S. I’ve spend way too much time already editing this blog post, so I’m just publishing! But I’d love to know if you can relate to any of the thoughts I’ve tossed out here. 🙂