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The new family photography experience

sarah pratt photography is a newborn and childrens portrait photographer
Life as a parent certainly is interesting. Since being on this side of things for almost two years now (yup, that’s my “little man” above), I’ve realized, more than ever, how important it is to capture these rapidly changing times.

In order to create the experience I want to have with my photography and my business, but more importantly the experience I want my clients to have (and the experience I want when I’m the client), I’ve decided to make some changes I think you’re going to love!I bring dessert to you and share your session images.

I know my family is my most prized possession, and I think you probably feel the same way about yours. We all know you’re memories deserve to be displayed proudly and looked at often, not just kept on the computer or a DVD, but I get it, you’re busy. You don’t need more to-dos added to your list after your photo shoot in order to get the images on the wall!  That is why you deserve the custom, full-service experience I am now offering!

I’m going to guide you from the start through this memorable experience. You’ll receive a welcome kit with all you need to know as you prepare for your session. I’m also implementing a new approach to how you select your images (that includes dessert!) and ensures the best experience and outcome possible. The end result will be ready to hang wall art and other boutique products to decorate your home and life!

I can’t wait to share all the reasons you’re going to love the new experience and process! Please drop me a line so we can schedule a time for me to tell you all the details! 


From the welcome kit to the dessert, this is a custom photography experience.