What a difference a year makes | 6 month baby session

I’ve been reflecting a lot on what was happening in my life this time last year; particularly New Year’s Eve Day. I remember it vividly–sleep deprived (not from staying up all night partying) and one step from a panic attack. The driving factor was being told my mom’s newly diagnosed cancer at the time had spread and well, I was terrified among other things. (Thankfully it actually hadn’t spread but that didn’t spare the emotions.) Suddenly all we had planned for in 2017 both personally and for me professionally, ceased to matter as much as this. Fast forward to 1/2/18 and wow, despite all the ups and downs, we are onto a new chapter!

But all of this reflecting reminded me of the importance of photography and just how much can change in a year. The cliche is “the days are long, but the years go fast,” but man is it true!

I spent my first day of 2018 taking 6 month portraits of my adorable niece. On the way home, a podcast I was listening to said something about “Next year at this time, things again will be very different!” I thought about last year… and about what next year might look like. It lit a fire inside me to take more everyday photos of my family and life. And reminded me to make time for scheduling more frequent family photos because, holy cow things change fast!
6 month old style photography

It’s funny, I always dreamed my child would be the perfect model for me, but oh how that is no not true at this point in time!! HAHA. Thankfully my niece is assuming the role perfectly – red hair and all!

6 month baby lifestyle photography session